Your phone must be turned on for us to transmit your number. If it is disabled, the process is delayed. The transmission number shall be made at least 3 working days after the registration of the application. Vodafone mobile phone numbers, private or business, can be transferred to any number. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow when transmitting. Ask your provider for your PAC code. We need it to transmit your number. If your phone is connected to its network, you should also ask for your unlock code. You may have to pay a small amount.

Call us from your new phone at 222 to set up your voicemail service. You must do this before transferring your number. To check the status of your number porting request on the Vodafone network Do you have your PAC code? All you have to do is contact your new network and give it to them. After the change of ownership of Vodafone and the contract, you are the sole owner of the unconditional account with the former user. This is your number and all correspondence will come only to you. Search our shop for a shiny new phone or SIM-Only contract. See one you like? Just buy it and your new phone or SIM card (or both) will be with you in no time, with a temporary number that will keep you going. And make sure that the day we transmit your number again, you are not abroad, because we cannot change your number while your phone is on vacation! It is recommended to check the agreement correctly in order to avoid any omission on your part.

If you want to update the Vodafone account, you must wait at least 90 days after the transfer date. Also, you can change your pricing plan in any available plan: This is a fair question. After all, your old cell phone number is the one that all your friends and family know. Luckily, it`s quick and easy to transfer it to the new network you just joined. To help you, we have below all the information you need. There are a few scenarios in which you need to perform different steps to transfer your number and consent: do you want to take care of your mother`s connection or do you want to take possession of a Vodafone number from a company? Well, this Vodafone ownership transfer feature is convenient. Anthea Williams gave Vodafone a phone number. Please. Give me the PAC number as soon as possible, so I can at least leave Three with a good memory. Please note that public holidays are not working days, so your request may take longer. We would be delighted with your comments: either using a Vodafone PAC code or transferring your phone number from another network to Vodafone. The following comments are all from people who have done the same thing in the past.

You can contribute by adding your own comments here. Once you have handed over your PAC code to your new network, your number transfer is usually scheduled for the next business day.

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