I am a former teacher at 16 years old. I have a bachelor`s degree in pedagogy and I finished 4.0 with all the honors that go with it. I entered the UOP Master`s degree in 2008 in the hope of graduating. All my assignments were 3.75 - 4.0 until the teaching internship. You voluntarily abandoned me with a score of 3.25. Now they couldn`t hit me lower because I was an active teacher. So, please, avoid this college. They are mean as hell and only want your money. Since 2000, I have been trying to transfer the 35 units of this 41-unit program to another degree just to graduate and continue my life.

UOP said it wouldn`t, unless I re-register and do it again. So I lost $14,000 and 2 years here for nothing. A class where we had to do a business plan, I thought I could do it, but the teacher worked with us week after week to plan this, so that everything came together. I`m not sure I can have an idea for an internship, will your advisor help you? 1c. Verification of documents with a QA expert in The Practice Review and reflection on the main changes or recommendations proposed by the QA expert. With all due respect to all negative evaluators, I would simplify my experience with the university in a few words "I have achieved the goal", which will allow me to obtain an accredited degree to apply for higher positions in each company, regardless of the name of the university, because as soon as you apply for a position, your skills won`t speak for the name of your university! If you want to "mark" your certificate, believe me, it will not help, because the last word will ALWAYS be "your experience and what you really know", no one cares about "where you come from! They take care of "where you are." I must say that, although the University of Phoenix received a well-deserved negative exam because it is a "diploma mill" in its business schools, etc., I found the master`s program in Colorado Springs to be very complex and quite difficult to follow. In fact, of the approximately two hundred students in my 2004 final year class, only about half actually completed the master`s degree. Honestly, the program was hard as hell because it was designed to be as difficult and valid for an educational program as any four-year university or postgraduate school, but it was marketed to us, professionals who had already been engaged in real careers for a few years. I remember doing hundreds of hours of observation internships and student courses before I was certified. There is a class ONLY/598 Research Utilization Proposal and many choose a theme for it, which they then use for their internship..

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