In so far as the laws and practice of the Member States so permit, overseas obligations must be regarded as forming part of the collective agreements in force. where applicable, the reference to the collective agreement; And each Member State shall ensure that its legislation or other measures, or collective agreements, contain appropriate provisions which require that the contract of carriage by sea consists, in whole or in part, of a collective agreement, that a copy of that agreement be made available on board. The contracting parties to the collective agreement that lead to port control. Rights arising from collective agreements or social plans are also not taken over by this fund. If possible, the Commission should use airlines that are covered by collective agreements and that comply with current ILO conventions. Severance pay under legal provisions and collective agreements Frequent abbreviated expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus. . Search results: 11041. Exactly: 11041. Elapsed time: 210 ms.

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