Our templates are partly pre-filled with details. If you`re coming from outside London and the south east, you need a local surveyor. You can continue to use these templates, just replace the details accordingly. The notification is therefore not invalidated. There is also a price of the party wall. This is the basis of the party`s wall agreement to which your client must comply. The Partywall Award includes all the restrictions and other protections necessary to keep your neighbor`s belongings free from any damage. You need a party wall agreement if you want to carry out work on a common border and the work has been agreed with your neighbour. To help you avoid such inconveniences, we`ve put together a guide to the law and inserted links to a few letters for party wall agreements to make it easier for you to get in.

So let`s take a look at Party Wall Act. Like so many other legal cases, the Party Wall Act 1996 may seem daunting at first glance, but it is actually quite simple. Provided you follow the process. Failure to comply with border wall rules can lead to long delays in your construction, which will ultimately cost you money and could lead to friction between you and your neighbors. It is very important that communications contain the right information, since this is granted to them under the law. Errors may invalidate the notification(s) and any subsequent allocations or agreements. The party`s wall agreements are pretty obvious. By notifying your neighbour, you are effectively asking for his permission to continue. You have 14 days to respond from the date of communication from the party wall.

If you are not sure whether the works you offer require notification or what type of communication concerns the works, please see our free information on the types of communications. Alternatively, if you would like advice from a Party Wall Surveyor before proceeding, please contact Party Wall Services free of charge. If your neighbours agree in writing, work can begin immediately. However, if they dispute or do not respond to the notification, you should send a follow-up letter....

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