It is not uncommon for rental agreements to contain provisions regarding the tenant`s insurance, the number of customers who can stay with the tenant and whether the tenant can sublet the premises. Leases should be as detailed as possible. A lease may include any property whose ownership is not illegal. Usual rental agreements include contracts for the rental of real estate and housing, production and agricultural equipment, as well as consumer goods such as cars, televisions, stereos and equipment. The term "leasing" is also used in the context of contracts for the rental of equipment or other property for a specified period. With regard to equipment and installations, there are two different types of leasing, namely financial leasing and operating leasing. A financial lease is a financial lease for most of the economic life of the asset from which the lessor expects to derive its normal profit from the asset without participating in other activities related to the asset; such leases generally cannot be terminated or can only be terminated upon payment of a significant fine. . . . .

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