By signing the training contract, employers and apprentices indicate that they understand and are related to the conditions and obligations for the duration of the training or traineeship. After a broad consultation of stakeholders, the Minister of Education and Training approved in January 2018 the setting of minimum working hours per week for paid work and supervised training for apprenticeship places and school placements (SBATs). If you`re new to apprenticeships and internships, you may not be familiar with some of the terms used. Here are some of the most common terms you will come across and their definitions. A training contract is a legally binding agreement between the employer and the apprentice or trainee. When signing the training contract, both parties are subject to certain obligations defined in the contract. The training contract sets out the apprenticeship or traineeship conditions agreed by both the employer and the apprentice or apprentice, such as: a new guide for apprenticeships and traineeships in Western Australia has been developed to support schools, registered training organisations, employers, students, parents and other interest groups working in the VA apprenticeship and traineeship system. Training plans are mandatory and it is the duty of all parties to ensure that the plan is closely monitored and mentioned throughout the training or internship. Providers of the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network are commissioned by the Australian Government to provide support services to apprentices and apprentices. You can offer individualized screening, testing, streaming and matching services to help you choose the education, profession or training path that is best for you.

Visit their website to find a provider in your area. Your training or internship includes formal training that can be provided both in the workplace and outside the workplace. Your employment at MEGT is subject to your commitment to initiation time and the completion of your training requirements. If you have previous studies or have work experience, you can credit your training or internship diploma (see section Recognition of prior knowledge). . . .

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