The parties shall only sign a printed copy of the contract of carriage. The general and special conditions are publicly available on the Internet, published at information stands and do not have to be signed by the parties; Other documents regulating the general conditions of the order are also posted online. Volumes of services higher than those agreed (e.g. B duration of storage of containers, period of TransContainer-specific wagons and/or containers, which are under the responsibility of the customer, including handling in non-public spaces, for delays caused by a customer or its contractors on the route, etc.) are paid for the service actually provided. During the order, a customer receives the service fees and a description of the terms and conditions. A step towards new information cooperation technologies In order to comply with the obligation imposed by "Iarovaia antiterrorist legislative regulations set" to verify the description of the cargo, PJSC TransContainer has the right to carry out such verification. In this case, we have developed a mobile application for the photographic detection of loaded cargo; Liability for damage to the cargo description is established. The customer is informed in advance of changes to the general or special conditions. . . .

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