IT Services Service Level Agreement Technical assistance and HARDWARE/SOFTWARE/NETWORK MAINTENANCE FOR ROOM RESERVATION ROOM RESERVATION SYSTEM IT Services Service Level Agreement: Room Reservation System This level of service Create a new provider Supplier Supplier provide you with goods or services you need to run your business. Credit data series must be established prior to the processing of invoices or other payable transactions. 1 Before entering point 4.3.2. Responsibilities for the parties involved. Below is the list of responsibilities and requirements listed according to certain services (as indicated above in point 2.1 in this service level agreement) Service status of the payment details of the responsible users - invoice number - invoice date - name of the seller. - Invoice amount - invoice currency - ARM ORDER NUMBER - Copy of invoice (in PDF format, One file per invoice) - Proof of delivery (POD) - date of receipt of payment. - payment method (check, electronic transfer, etc.) - seller`s name - payment amount - payment currency - payment id (check number or EFT number), If available) A/P-Help Responsibilities A/P Help Provides the user with the following information: - Invoice status with either, potential payment date or reason for refusal, cancellation or waiting for the invoice - If the invoice has a problem that needs to be processed, AP help to a second-level specialist intensifies - If applicable, give the user a recommendation regarding the measures to be taken on the user page. - If the invoices have already been paid, indicate the payment method used and to which address the check was sent or to which bank account the transfer was sent. A/P Help provides the user with the following information: - Which invoices are covered by a check or bank transfer - The bank account or address to which the payment was sent 4/7 7 4. Service request 4.1.

Standard Service Request A standard service request must be made through our website: Each request must contain information required in #3 in this Service Level Agreement; Otherwise, it will not be processed response time and working hours will be processed within 48 hours after receipt of the complete information. There is no phone service at the A/P Help Desk 5 hours of coverage, response time and escalation 5.1. A/P Help Normal hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm 5.2. Response AP Help Desk undertakes to resolve the service request and respond to the user within 48 hours of receipt of the service request. Degenerate within 48 hours if a service request is not a standard 5.3 service request. Prioritization There is no prioritization for inbound A/P 5.4 assistance needs. Climbing. All non-standard service requests intensify to be resolved by an experienced analyst within the ArvinMeritor Shared Services group. 7/7 About our services and costs P N DALES LTD Queens Head Chambers, 42 Kirk Gate, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1AB YOU SHOULD USE THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS DOCUMENT TO DECIDE WHETHER OUR HELPDESK SUPPORT SERVICES ARE PACE University and its Helpdesk Summary This document covers the support services provided by ITS Help Desk for pace University members. Its Help Desk Desktop User Services General Support Standard Desktop Support Standard Desktop Support Standard Desktop Office of Information Technology (OIT) Service Level Consists of: The Standard Desktop Support (SDS) Service General Levels University Systems Desktop Support Service Level Commitment The purpose of this Service Level Commitment (SLC) is to formally define the level of service that the university system of the UVic Faculty will offer. There is no doubt that it is too small or unimportant. 1-800-228-7151 Visit us under: Mendix ExpertDesk, Change and Incident Management Customer Support Mendix Customer Support 0, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of animal assistance Description Animal Role 0 Online Forum: 2 1.

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