Agreements to coordinate social protection across national borders have been commonplace in Western Europe for decades. This is followed by a list of the agreements reached by the United States and the effective date of each. Some of these agreements were then revised; The date indicated is the date on which the original agreement came into force.  3 An agreement can contain only one of these rules, not both. Thus, in the agreements, employment coverage is allocated either on the basis of a delegated activity or on the basis of place of residence. How the bilateral agreement program helps people working in the U.S. and abroad. A non-resident non-resident beneficiary who has been absent from the United States for six months or more consecutively must also have been in the United States for a period of five years during which he maintained his relationship with the worker. For example, a non-resident alien who is entitled to a spousal allowance and has been absent from the United States for six consecutive months may be a citizen of a country that pays unlimited benefits to U.S. citizens outside that country`s borders.

However, the spouse must also have been married to the worker for 5 years while in the United States to receive benefits abroad.9 Under U.S. law (42.C No. 402 (t) (11) (E)) totalization agreements may contain provisions limiting payments to all residents of countries with which the United States has an agreement in force , including third-country nationals and non-residents. 10 In recent years, support for the extension of the geographical scope of totalisation agreements has increased beyond the current concentration in Europe. The United States has agreements with several non-European countries, but the nature of the authorisation status has limited negotiations in many other countries for the reasons mentioned below. However, reaching agreements with many of these countries would likely reduce the burden on U.S. businesses, workers and beneficiaries. As U.S. commercial and commercial interests have spread around the world, the list of major trading partners increasingly includes countries that do not have a system that meets all U.S.

legal requirements. This may penalize U.S. companies, workers and potential social security beneficiaries abroad who could benefit from such agreements. In addition to improving the social security of working workers, international social security agreements help ensure continuity of benefit protection for people who have received social security credits under the U.S. system and another country.

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