As a sales organization, you may have pre-negotiated sales agreements with selected debtors to set preferential prices for ordered items valid for a certain period of time. For example, these improvements allow you to automatically apply and track contractual commitments. In addition, you have greater efficiency in order taking and order processing due to the reduction in manual interventions required to apply contract prices to orders. It is very useful; However, when I create the version, a type of order is required before booking it. When I present the type of order that I know is working properly, it immediately enters the billing interface - before you even add specific items Define the terms of the contract for each sales contract and automatically apply them to orders. Save project attributes for orders and fill those orders from a common or bundled stock to track the cost of a project. Oracle Pricing Cloud provides web services to enable and simplify integration with external systems, such as. B as order capture systems or other external pricing and management systems. THE REST "Discount Lists" service helps you optimize discount list management by automating downloading and managing price rules and synchronizing changes with external systems.

Order positions containing project details are usually billed as part of the project contract count and not from debtors. As part of the implementation, you need to prevent order management from sending command positions with project details to requests. Items that meet these requirements are often similar, so you don`t need to separate the stock by project. You can send items from a common warehouse for project-specific orders, but items are billed for projects. In this update, a new order management title in the browser and the group symbol on the home page contains the following areas of work: For various reasons, you may need to meet customer requirements for common or slightly differentiated products in separate projects. Like what:... Here are the main improvements to be made to order management to support this function: Offer: Order Management Nicht optional Ab: Costing, Manufacturing, and Quality Management, published in previous updates, are no longer available. "DiscountListDescription": Corporate Discount List, . The new group symbols on the home page are easy to identify: Capture project details for a sales line In order to support a more consistent and logical grouping of Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud`s work areas, this update contains a revamped browser as well as changes to group icons on the homepage. A new cover and group symbol for supply chain execution contains the following areas of work: Very nice blog about the sales tracking app. Thanks for publishing the blog.

We also refer to mTrac allowing powerful commercial tracking to keep you in real time with your on-site sales team. Improve the distribution, responsibility and productivity of your atusal team by following them. For more details, please visit :- visit Download the app: Plus: It`s interesting! Can you say more? Thank you very much. The ERP Calculate Document Prices Service open source allows external systems to access the price engine using the RESTful web service architecture and ensure that price requests can be processed efficiently and securely across all systems.

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