as expressly stated here. Apple is ready to grant you a limited license for the use of Apple`s "Internal Use Application", software (including media and libraries included in a single software package) developed by you on a custom basis for commercial purposes (for example. B a stock application specific to your company) for specific use with an Apple product with iOS, watchOS and/or OS X, and only for internal use by your authorized employees or users, or otherwise expressly authorized in Clause 2.1 (f). Unless expressly authorized, the programs or applications used, distributed or other companies, contractors (with the exception of contractors who develop the internal application for you on a custom basis and therefore must use or access these applications) are distributors, sellers, resellers, end users or members of the public. For clarity reasons, internal use applications do not contain third-party applications, even if an adaptation has been made. The audit is done to authenticate your organization`s information, validate your intended use of the program, and ensure that the App Store, Apple Business Manager, ad hoc sales or TestFlight do not adequately meet your needs. Your organization must have a D-U-N-S number, which is a unique nine-digit number assigned by Dun-Bradstreet and widely used as the default business identifier. You can check that your organization already has a D-U-N-S number and request one if necessary. They are free in most jurisdictions. Your organization must also have a publicly accessible website with a domain name assigned to your organization. In addition, we can contact your organization to check for more details and evaluate your use of the program. If you extend your membership, your organization will be reviewed. Apple reserves the right to reject your application at its discretion.

But as software companies have become bolder at using Apple`s bypass - apple never told them no - they`re starting to push the boundaries of what`s acceptable. Technically, Apple guidelines say you should use the program only to distribute apps for internal use. "You only sign up for the Apple Developer Enterprise Program if you intend to distribute proprietary apps to employees in your organization," the description of the requirements says when you try to connect to the program via Apple`s website. "If you intend to distribute apps outside your organization through the App Store, sign up for the Apple Developer Program." Historically, the program is used to test and distribute applications in-house before being sent to the App Store for official verification.

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